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Price per week for a mini-villa, including all charges from Saturday afternoon (16:00) till Saturday morning at 9am.


Rooms are available from 2:30 p.m. and must be vacated by 11:00 the day of departure.
Please let us know if your arrival at the hotel is scheduled after 19:00 DEPOSIT GUARANTEE

The mini villa is perfectly clean on arrival. The tenant should ensure that this is the case.
The mini villa is rented furnished, with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, cutlery, blankets, but no sheets, no towels, no towels, all consistent with the inventory.


A 6 km from Saint Florent, 3 km from Bastia, the center of the subdivision of 3.3 ha "Castelluccio Oletta," the 16 mini villas are spread over 6000 square meters of shady garden and flowers. Private pool reserved for guests and residents of the subdivision.


The tenant declares that the lease is granted only on a seasonal basis, and he agrees to leave the date and time specified in the contract.
The site must be occupied in the spirit of good citizenship and only by the number of people corresponding to the bedding equipment: 4 or 5 people max.
The supplement for the sixth person includes the provision of a bed of 80 cm (camp bed are not allowed)
Waterproof mattress protectors are available to customers.


Before 9 am, the site will be in good order: dishes and appliances cleaned and stored away, furniture set up . The deposit (guarantee) will be returned on departure, minns any costs of breakage and damage.


The parties will elect Saint-Florent as the Residency and will recognize the Court of Bastia as the point of juridiction.

THEFT and loss of personal effects

The tenant will ensure against damage of any nature, likely to incur liability. "Les Arbousiers" is not responsible for theft or loss of personal effects that would occur during the rental. The lessee is required to take out all insurance policies resulting from this commitment.


The pool is not supervised, we are not responsible, especially for children who must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The pool is strictly prohibited after 20 pm and tenants must read and follow the regulations posted at the entrance.


On tos of tree care which must be brought in rented accommodation and its contents, tenants are asked to:
• Ensure regular maintenance of the premises and equipment that are available to them.
• To observe the regulations of condominium use, including calm after 22 h.
• The surrounding apartments are maintained to the highest standard. Please respect this.
• The drying of clothes is absolutely prohibited on the railings of balconies and terraces.
• The sound of radio, TV, etc.. should not bother the neighbors.

Thank you for your understanding. Happy holidays!

After having entered the Litigation service and if there is no satisfactory answer within 15 working days, the client can contact the Ombudsman for Tourism and Travel, whose contact details and referral methods are available on his website: www. mtv.travel

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